Learn to Dive

If you're new to diving and want to learn in a safe environment with experienced PADI Staff Instructors then you've come to the right place. Our club, Forth Diver Training, can train you to dive in as little as 2 days. You can learn more about training here

About Diving


Unless you're a diver you might not know that Scotland is regarded as a world class dive location with a vast treaure trove of natural and man-made sights hidden from view, just beneath the surface. Not only are there hundreds of historic wrecks to explore but there's also a wealth of stunning marine life just waiting to be discovered.


You can dive all year round in Scotland with September and October being the warmest months for diving. February and March are the coldest but with properly fitting drysuits you'll be perfectly warm and dry underwater. When the weather is rough and we can't get out to sea we can still dive using inland sites such as Preston Hill quarry. You can learn more about diving with our club here.

Dive Calendar and Events


Forth Diver Training has launched a new diver training scheme called the Preston Hil Community Pilot. This exciting initiative is designed for members of the local community in and around Inverkeithing who have never dived before and who for whatever reason might not have been able to afford to take part in our sport. You can learn more about the Preston Hill Community Pilot here.